Dig up your subscribers' hidden gold treasure

The 48bN Analytics Suite empowers publishers to acquire valuable insights of their subscriber base. Our software collects different sources of information.

48bN Analytics Suite

We help you maximize the bottom line of your business

The software collects valuable data from the subscriber and from the broker. Data points can be grouped in different categories ranging from behavioral aspects to financial aspects.

As a publisher you can extract data in cohorts or even enrich our suite at your convenience. Within the software you can also assign different roles. Hence, the software can be rolled out to different people within your organization, e.g. analysts, controlling, marketing, product owner etc.

Use Cases

Discover these unique use cases


We help you maximize the bottom line of your business


We offer the subscriber additional products with the highest purchase probability via the in-app shop.

Predictive Analysis

We enable the publisher to engage with the subscriber before subscriptions terminate.


We help you focus on conversions at the right time

Online Marketing

Based on the obtained data, your marketing department can target potential new subscribers via google or facebook more effectively.


Based on the obtained data you can attribute a certain value to subscriber.


Create newsletters your subscribers will really love

Insights for Analysts

Analysts can get access to certain data points, enabling them to adjust the style and timing of their trading ideas.

Media Consumption

Subscribers switch from email to in-app newsletter reading. This enables publishers to engage with their subscribers on an individual level.


Explore our awesome features

Role management

Assign individual roles to CEO, Product Owner, Product Manager, Analyst

Automatic reports

Design and receive automatic reports tailored to your preferences

Export function

Connect and upload data to your core CRM

Data filter scheme

Obtain all relevant data from your newsletters

Data pivot table

Set up data sets based on your specific needs

Mobile driven

Access the platform across all devices