Bridging the gap between recommendation
and trade

The times of cumbersome customer journeys are finally over. We directly push recommendations to the subscriber.

We create a win-win-win situation for all parties


Analyst writes the newsletter and enters the trading idea into the web-based backend

  • Increased retention rate
  • Product stickiness
  • More revenue per subscriber

Subscriber receives trading idea and can directly act upon it by entering the amount and confirming

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Anywhere

Broker executes the trade after the subscriber has confirmed the trade and it is passed on

  • New client acquisition
  • Valuable client segment
  • High trading frequency

Software capabilities

The software can process all types of asset classes


The 48bN Enterprise Suite consists of multiple software components

Signal creation

  • Search for asset type
  • Newsletter upload
  • Distribution to subscriber via API

Media consumption

  • White-label capability
  • Multi-device platform for mobile
  • Push-Notification

Newsletter Shop

  • Integration of publishers shop
  • Sales notifications
  • Deployment of sales algorithms


  • Broker connection via API
  • Broker support app
  • Encrypted connection


  • Product development KPIs
  • Marketing & sales KPIs
  • Retention KPIs


  • Quick response times
  • Personal key account
  • Virtual installation
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